Prehistoric complex
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Excavations were undertaken at Donaskeagh in advance of a housing development (26 houses proposed, with associated works), following on from unlicensed monitoring of the topsoil-stripping. The development is not located in the vicinity of any known archaeological features.
The complex included a penannular ring-ditch with an external diameter of just over 12m, with a causewayed entrance to the west, a possible cremation pyre, at least one cremation burial pit, isolated pits, and two intense concentrations of pits, post- and stake-holes. The features were spread over an area measuring 110m east–west by 60m. No evidence of habitation was present. The interior of the ring-ditch was virtually sterile, apart from two post-holes which may or may not be contemporary. A number of features (pits, post- and stake-holes) were located outside the entrance. A possible U-shaped structure was tentatively identified in Area B, as determined from the outline of post-holes and pits. This measured 1.6m east–west by 1.7m, with the flat section of the U shape facing north. One pit appeared to represent a cremation burial, albeit with a token deposit. Another elaborate pit, with extensive evidence of burning, is tentatively identified as the site of a cremation pyre. Prehistoric pottery sherds were recovered from three pits in one area (Area A).
Post-excavation work is ongoing at present.
Linda G. Lynch, Aegis Archaeology Ltd, 32 Nicholas Street, King’s Island, Limerick.

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