Thurles Train Station, Garryvicleheen, Thurles
No archaeological significance
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Monitoring here was carried out on an intermittent basis from May to July 2006. The development comprised the excavation of two pits for a large diesel tank and associated auxiliary drainage. The area of the site to the east of the railway line was used as a carpark and monitoring of a large sump hole took place, as well as trenching of associated auxiliary works. The sump hole measured 20m by 18m by 5m in depth. Tarmac, 0.2m thick, lay over hardcore, 0.1m thick, which covered the natural brown silty clay, 0.2m deep. The natural boulder clay was light-yellow and was evident at the base of the excavated hole.
A trench was excavated along the length of the carpark oriented north–south. The trench varied slightly in depth but measured on average 1.5m. The stratigraphy of the trench was uniform. The tarmac and hardcore measured 0.4m in thickness. Beneath this was a soft brown silty clay which measured on average 1.1m in thickness. To the west of the railway line another sump hole was excavated. This measured 20m by 20m by 5m in depth. Topsoil measured 0.1m in depth and the subsoil was a yellowish-brown silty clay. No features or deposits of archaeological significance were identified.
Maedbh Saunderson, Arch-Tech Ltd, 32 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2.

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