Drystone chamber, prehistoric and medieval
123638 199442
08E0535; 08R0171
A hand-dug trench was targeted at the remains of a drystone structure located 33m from Caherconnell cashel. The structure proved to be an approximately circular chamber (2.1m north-west/south-east by 2.3m) with a passageway at the north-east (1.5m long and c. 1m wide). The structure is partially subterranean. Artefacts recovered include probable Early Bronze Age lithics, Neolithic and Early Bronze Age pottery, stone axe fragments and three medieval coins. Partial and disarticulated human skeletal remains were found in the passageway. This bone has given a radiocarbon date of the 15th to 17th centuries ad. Partially articulated pig skeletons were found within the chamber.
A radiocarbon determination for a primary deposit of bone within the chamber gave a date of cal ad 14361479 and bone from outside the chamber gave a radiocarbon date of ad 10421206.
Graham Hull, TVAS (Ireland) Ltd, Ahish, Ballinruan, Crusheen, Co. Clare.

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